Winter Workshop

Welcome to the MOCReN Winter Workshop Dec 2023–Jan 2024! This page exists as a central hub for links relating to the workshop.

The half-day warm-up takes place on our Discord server. You will need to join the server, which includes creating a Discord account if you do not already have one. Ensure you are on the MOCReN server then join the #winter-workshop channel from the left sidebar menu, which is a video and voice call much like Zoom or Teams.

Quick links:

Research design templates


5 January, 9:30am–4:30pm GMT

2:30pm: Refreshments [in Theatre Bar]
2:50pm: Show and tell [in G12]
4pm: Closing reflections
4:30pm: Wrap up

Please note some issues on train lines today (5 January) have just been announced, you can check your journey here

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Rooms for Group Work

G12: Transmedia
G16 Victoria: Fandom and communities
G17 Harley: Platforms A
G22 Albert: Streaming
Theatre Bar: Creativity and AI, Platforms B

Code of Conduct

This conference aims to create an inclusive, safe, welcoming, and comfortable environment for everyone to undertake collaborative research. You are invited in a spirit of curiosity, friendliness, open-mindedness, and mutual respect, and we value your participation!

Participants vary by gender, race, class, career status, ability, caring responsibilities, and other factors that affect their participation. Please be aware of your privileges and give space to those whose voices are typically marginalised in academic discussions. For instance, research has shown that male conference delegates tend to ask more questions and speak for longer than people of other genders (Carter et al 2018; Lupon et al 2021; Sutherland and Johnston 2017). Let’s bring an awareness of that inequality and try to rectify it in our cooperative discussions.

A few rules of thumb for effective research collaboration:

  • make sure you are listening more than you are talking
  • ask other participants their opinions and actively consider their answers
  • embrace all contributions, including inevitable mess and ‘productive divergence’ (Facer and Pahl 2017)
  • explicitly say what you like about others’ ideas (doubly so if you disagree with an aspect or have constructive feedback)
  • be considerate of language differences

We will not tolerate discrimination (inclusive of, but not limited, to racism, sexism, homophobia, and transphobia). These subjects may arise in discussion of music and online cultures: please discuss them with care and critical reflection. We will not tolerate bullying or bullish behaviour. Given the focus of the workshop, many participants are stakeholders in particular communities and cultures. When people share personal aspects of their research, please focus more on listening than providing critique. We will not tolerate harassment. We ask that all discussions remain civil and all behaviour professional, even where participants share common interests and communicate casually. Equally, we recognise that English is not the first language of all attendees, so we ask everyone to be respectful of language differences and any misinterpretations that may result in discussion.

The comfort and safety of attendees is essential. If you feel that anyone breaks this code of conduct, please report it to a member of the MOCReN steering committee. You can also anonymously send a report here. This will be kept confidential, although we may share with another member of the committee as necessary to address your concerns. Although we are not professionally trained in conflict resolution, we are experienced in academic research collaboration, and will follow best practice guidelines to resolve instances of improper behaviour. There are trained mental health first aid staff and security in the event venue.

We encourage kindness and generosity in all interactions. We trust that participants will collectively build a considerate and inviting environment. By participating in the workshop, you agree to uphold these principles to the best of your ability.

We look forward to welcoming you and participating together!